Pam's House: An escape game   is on Google play now. It's Free.

Now you can explore in Pam's House!


Just click key items in the environment to store them, and then click collected items to use them in the right place.

My first game on!

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
TagsEscape Game, escape-room, Point & Click

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cute! c:


I won with out doing the dog food puzzle but it was such a good game

Thank you for playing! Oh, you won without the part? Hmm… ;)
I made the game a while ago, am thinking to make another escape room puzzle soon.

lovely game! - thank you :)


Thank you for playing!

Couldn't get game to load in browser, and there was no exe after downloading!???

I hope you are able to play it after that...

I found a bug. I you solve the dog food puzzle too early, it will lock the letters but not give you the food.

HI! Thanks! I'll be looking into it!

I had a different error with the dog food puzzle. If you click on it after solving it, you get stuck on the puzzle with no way to leave. Fortunately it's a short enough game that refreshing did not cause me to lose too much progress.

Cute game and I liked the unique puzzles.

it was fun one thing is that the bunny got off of the box an i didnt even give them the carrot , i m guessing it was a bug 

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Thank you for your feedback. I'll look into it later this week!

>>> I was able to fix the bug today.

that was a fun point and click. I hope the next game you make is harder! :)

Thanks! I'll do my best!



Nice game! I loved the graphics :) I noticed that you can fill the inventory with scissors if you click more than once on the little star, I don't know if that is a bug or not.

HI! Thank you for your feedback! I'll be looking into the bug ;)

Cool graphics and the game itself! Waiting for more games from you.

Here's my walkthrough: 

Hi! Thank you very much for making a walkthrough video. so cool!

My next escape room game will be coming to Google play soon, and to Apple store later on.